The Haunting

The Haunting long poem

Uploaded by Mario Vitale

one night in the end of October drifting through the woods
there rose up a demonic creature that would haunt the neighborhood
one such occasion it bit this little girl in the neck
blood soaked her dress & she was frantic
howls would be heard in the dead of the night sending a fright
after a duration of time a medium was sent out to look around
what they found was very frightening cause
in the center of town could be found a star pentagram
the only wise decision was to get a priest
along came Father Pryor with flaned desire to catch this creature
it was a mad double feature when an exorcist was ready for the little girl who was bitten
for it was forbidden to venture in her quaint little dwelling
over many hours of prayers with many tears the spell was broken
then things were back to normal or so they thought
then a jogger was running across the cemetery to get to there house for it was a short cut
the creature that they thought vanished attacked again
this time cutting off the man’s head & left for road kill
the haunting ensued with now a killer loose
police couldn’t seem to trace where the creature was hiding
then at last under an over pass came the sound of bats
the authorities dug deep inside a barren house where old man Jester had died
to there surprise was a skull with blood dripping off side of its mouth
there was a hole in the ground under Jester’s home off the side of his porch
& this is there final report
this was the place where the demon creature was hiding
eyes with holes having spots
dripping blood off side
the howls of immense pain
shots were fired and aimed at the creatures head
after seven bullets the creator dropped dead
people in town kept this a secret for years all those tears
the haunting is now forbidden not a word to be said

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Mario Vitale

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Mario William Vitale is a poet with over 1,000 toward his platform. Vitale was born October 23rd, 1970 in Bristol, Ct. Currently living in Wolcott, Ct where he helps as a care taker for his elderly handicapped mother Ann. Vitale is featured as a writer on Poetrysoup, Writerscafe & Allpoetry. Has a fan base on facebook with over 650 followers. He started writing poems in 1989 after the break up of his first girlfriend as a way to cope with life.
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