ओस की बूंदों सी तुम

ओस की बूंदों सी तुम azad nazm

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शाम गिलहरियों के साथ बैठकर कटी
दिल वक़्त के सांचे में ढलती ज़िन्दगी का अंतर्नाद गाने लगा
तो उठकर चल पड़ा खेतों के बीच होकर गुज़रती सींव पर
पहाड़ों की ओर

इस शहर से इतना ही वास्ता है
जितना कौवों, चिड़ियों के चहचहाने से बारिश का होता है
तुम्हें मालूम है न मैं एकांत पसंद नहीं हूँ
मुझे पहाड़ उतने अच्छे नहीं लगते
जितनी चोलाई के पत्तों पर
फिसलती ओस की बूँदें लगती है

तुम जानती हो न
ओस की बूँदें मुझे कितनी पसन्द हैं
खासकर फिसलती हुई
ओस की बूँदें

आओ कभी किसी शाम
दिल्ली रोड वाले ढाबे पर
कोई गिलहरी बनकर ही सही
कोई ओस की बूँद
बनकर ही सही

शाम के वक़्त ही सही
चोलाई के पत्तों सा
शायद इंतेज़ार करता मिल ही जाऊँगा

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Shakti Bareth

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shakti Bareth :-Really i am not only a common person Because my way of thinking make me different. ☻/ /▌♥♥ / i m cool fun lovNG Boy. enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching movies ,bike riding and traveling to EXOTIC places as like heritage or loving places_.singing is my best frnd whenever i want to be spent a better lonely time. Best thing and Most importantly, I LOVE spending QUALITY/PRICELESS times with my friends and family. i am cRaZzy abt Theater/drama/acting workshops/Ghajal concerns/performing on stage/writing poems_kavitaye_and short stories those relates to us to our real life/pain of human beings/Dil-dard or zindgi_ people who'HATES'me are just the confused admirers they can't figure out the reason why everyone'LOVES'me .......... m not a FREAK M UniQUE Everyby say dnt hurt sm1 so much dat dey will bcm an enemy of ur's...bt my thinking said ...love someone sooooo much dat they will get the fear of losing YOU... .you knw m always think hatke...'''. . . Its abt my attitude i may nt hv d sense hw 2 talk 2 ppl bt my mind is sooo pure dt dere is no intentn 2 hurt sumone n datz d reason i m satisfyd wid my ATTITUDE..... 4get me if you can... **i dnt care if ppl think i hv an ATTITUDE ...i was not put on EARTH to plz every1'''**I M Born to XPRESS nt to IMPRESS'''** ''some people come into our lives and quick go while others stay and leave foot prints in our hearts in simple words i m those foot prints which u ll never forget/ remove from your hurt. My personality describe, i m silent , hardworking , passionate towards my profession , see the whole world with my own way in every farce of life ,few people say i m stylish but i agree i wore thing in my own way which people like to follow..'' *IF U LIKE ME, RAISE UR HANDS..IF NOT THEN RAISE UR STANDARDS* I HAVE FAITH IN GOD BUT BELIEVE IN MYSELF, KNOW HOW TO LAUGH AT HIMSELF, NEVER STOP TRYING EVEN I TOTTERS N TRIPS. BE A CHILD AT HEART N LIVE LIKE A QUIN. BE DOWN TO EARTH YET HAVE EYES FULL OF DREAMS °(^_^)° My aims and my aspirations are the soul of my life....for which i strive everyday and one day i will achieve them and show it to the world.Its a challenge that i have made it to myself..................... **God IS Always Right** @Jine se hi nahi milti zindgi yaro___Mrna bhi pdta hai Muskurane Ki Khatir@ **Waqt Badlta hai**
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