Misty Cups Of Tea

Misty Cups Of Tea short poem

Photo by grongar

Every morning,
We pretend to meet,
To have a sip
From our misty cups of tea.
Our eyes might have
Acknowledged each others’ presence,
But they never meet,
While they raise from the newspapers,
That are evenly spread
On the dining table.
My unkempt hair,
Dishevelled strands
Standing unapologetically
On my head,
Might rattle you,
But you don’t utter a word,
Leaving me bemused.
The maturity cloak of adulthood,
Which I wear,
Might have stopped you,
From throwing spears,
For my naïve comportment,
Aimed at my immature arrogance,
Which would have lead to shambles.
Like every day,
Silence had accompanied us,
Reserving our voices,
Only for things that mattered to both of us.
Sometimes another person’s presence
Had to be sought,
To break ourselves into a heartfelt tete-a-tete.
One day, I pondered,
Whether you have noticed inside the cloak,
A boy lost in darkness,
Stranded in an endless path of despair,
Searching for his rays of hope?
Did you snatch those rays away from me
Causing my blood to boil with rage?
Is that what made us silent?
Or to be frank,
Is that what made me silent towards
Your pestering thoughts and queries?
I apologize,
If this has condemned you.
I cringe,
If this has turned into an emotional ballad for you,
But, I prefer this to be a rant,
A rant of contemplation
Of our relationship,
That appears to be taciturn from outside,
But a deep imperceptible bond that prevails within.
A bond that makes me forget,
Of my resentment towards you,
A bond that both of us did not realize,
We needed each other to strive forward.
A bond with which we had to keep an eye
On each other’s faith towards our Lord.
I might have become late in understanding you,
As it takes time to unravel life
To its unembellished form.
I thought of us belonging to two different generations,
Having two different perspectives of this world,
But realization dawned upon me,
That we both are running behind the same thing,
Towards achieving contentment,
But with unequal efforts,
With yours driven with wisdom
Turning out to be successful,
And mine driven with folly,
Leaving me frustrated.
For once, I thought,
You were malevolent,
Expecting me to be clobbered,
With anguish.
But, your spears were never painful,
As the blood oozed out merrily,
You never snatched those rays of hope
With an evil intention,
Rather to protect me from the trenches of misery,
That were obscured by the illuding rays.
Your elliptical deeds are too cryptic to decipher,
But beneath the surface,
Your prudence had enshrouded me
From the painful thorns of life.
We both continue to run together,
Behind contentment,
With you holding my hand,
Being silently prudent about my fall,
As we sip the tea from our misty cups.

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