Love Crime – The Humanity Prejudice(Encounter In Masquerade)

Love Crime   The Humanity Prejudice(Encounter In Masquerade) long poem

This is a delicate porcelain, but, she was broken…

Love Crime— The Humanity Prejudice(Encounter In Masquerade)

Split emotion, rupture thoughts,
Tragic is melted in prejudice,
Disguisers of Beast in human form, as cruel as ice,
Mercy is tearing, mask is false,
Sympathy is swallowed by jealous,
Souls are alternate and incompatible- fractured personality.

Deluxe feast of masquerade, upper class’ spree bed of roses,
Waiter’s pace is spry, and silver saucer is in his hand,
To appear the cocktail costly golden liquid,
Shuttle in the socialite and lordliness,
All the perfect disguise of kindness and virtue-mask,
Mellow alcohol is spilled by careless,
Seduce young hormone, strangle innocent curiosity.

Beautiful noble tulip messenger- a full body aroma,
Her looking looks like fresh orchid- born that way,
Delicate tailcoat, slim black cane,
Pretend to have gentleman’s manner, mixed up with neutral verve,
Perform a mysterious guest of Western Europe-latecomer,
The hidden sexual identity, is unable to repress the fettered beautiful temperament,
Gloomy smile, perfect self-performance,
A tranquil paint drawn by a painter, dormant moment,

Deluxe quartz lamp, is glaring in the phantom of eddy,
Candlelight is flickering, roses are so fruit,
Emit peaceful phantom,
Spread drooling balsam,
Under the shining pure candlelight,
I am your loyal and faithful silhouette-this life and eternal.

Man’s dress up,compose a vivid “Face-lifting”,
Woman’s blood is blended with man’s soul,
Like proud white swan,as fallen black peahen,
Lead me into the deep and extremely happy glade-dance floor,
Humanity restraint and bestial desire,
Accept the test and baptism from rational.

Abstruse blue eyes, reflex the white light of ore,
Revolving waltz, obliging steps,
Destroy the guilty in my memory,
Feed the thirsty in my deep soul,
You are my hidden secret-black genius,
You are the desire make me to desecrate divinity tonight- Miss Mina.

I abide for four hundred years, wait for the lust blaze is lit by love flame again,
Silence hide in loneliness, stubborn frown,
Move along with inspiration spring-brilliant vitality,
You come from my disguise, I am your smile and careless sigh,
For all the stolen and conquered memory,
Sacrifice for all the sucked and polluted blood.

Involuntary whisper in gazebo, mid-summer’s night is sultry,
Stimulate sweat gland quickly flows, my burning eyes-blaze,
Aromatic herbs, naughty beetle is on vine,
Your gentle breath, mixed with dulcet fragrance -makes me immerse,
Your voice is as melodious as a nightingale-pleasing,
God’s creature, fragrant spring, -comfort my thirsty,
Your wisdom looks like a round and bright pearl, my plump stunner.

Private room’s dating, uncover the magic veil of ‘ Face-lifting ‘,
Blond hair overflow a pomatum smell-dense,
The little diaphanous nose, my lovely pudding,
Petite and plump lips-pout, indistinctly shell teeth-cherry,
Graceful curve, is the feature of woman-elasticity fresh,
Outline the fatal attraction from eve,
Her skin looks like solidify fat, as crystal as jade,as smooth as porcelain-skin.

Sapphire eyes, mysterious blue phantom,
Mixed with felid’s cannier intuition,
Dense comeliness eyebrow, conceal the crafty ambition,
Burning body is in the sin flame,
Is the combination of elegant curve and slender bones,
Emanate the savagery of Africa female panther-wild.

Wet conquered Holy land, like spout spring,
Comfort soul, silent secret, god’s creature,
Dry body and the blasted spirit, lingering struggle-desire,
tears, secretion, sweat, all the dope permeate skin,
Is stolen in a forgotten consciousness, pitiless and cruel,
Trembling soul, is a reflex of painful mood-combination desire,
Satisfied silence, is from the darkness and death’s breath.

My heart is captured by the romantic encounter, all my devotion-only for love,
Apathy crowd surround me, I ignore them,
I take along the silver cross, go to secret garden alone,
Because I selfishly stole your chastity,
I faithfully pray, to the Jesus who bring us lasting happiness,
Beg for his kindness and tolerance,
I permit to survive in this love sin, I draw a Cross on my chest.

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