Emotion Market

Emotion Market short poem

Uploaded by Pramod Shrestha

This market is full of gimmickries,
They can attract you till you feel your heartbeats,
You can splurge whole your heart out,
Like cash, card, love, greed,
Your sentiments too,
In whatever shapes and forms,
But, your hunger is never satiated,
So I went to buy emotions in this market of desire,
Entered this dreamland,
Where you only need hollowness of thoughts as a ticket,
I saw fear, anger, disgust, happiness, sadness and surprise in display,
Spellbound was I,
Bartered my life with this generous shopkeeper,
Signed an irrevocable contract,
Amused myself with these fond of mine,
Experimented with danger, attack, unpleasant, love, pain and unexpected,
Tried and tested till proven,
Then, entered the world of relationship,
Now, my emotions take control of me,
My life changes like seasons,
No nothing in my torn pockets except some specks of dust and dreams,
Stained smelly shirt of my deeds,
Frizzy hair, dry face, chapped lips from wind of expectations and hope,
Callous, dirty palms of struggle,
Cracked, bruised feet from journey of ups and down,
But, no regrets that I have for this exchange,
So thankful for the colors of expressions,
That I can show,
Lost in my own world,
Rollercoaster ride I am on,
With the closed ones to unravel the future mystery,
If you ever see this market again,
Try to bargain the amount of different emotions you want,
With little luck and peace of mind.

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