Thousand Wounds

Thousand Wounds prose poem

Uploaded by d.n.rath

Thousand wounds beneath my heart
Covered velvet cloth
Never expressed on the face
Hidden by thousand smiles

At times laughs loudly
Hides in pretentious way
No clue to others
Am a smiling fellow

But footsteps of Attu
Frighten me in night
When Dog barks But I wake up in morning to smile
And to smile away

But thicker the foot steps
In gossips, in daily medias
Just shiver me in inside
When all these will pass over
And the sky clear to it’s blueness
I sink
Daily, hourly
But have to smile and laugh
Routinely to live
Fresh injuries
Piling up in my heart
Now I donot have the velvet cloth to hide
Except my rupturous smile
How long can I pretend
As a happy one
They say to others
He is happy and smile
But why can’t you
My heart pinch when they castigate them
As unworthy
Me as real and worthy
But I want to cry aloud But not allowed
My yelling can snatch by securities
Damn me
A hypocritical creature I am
In the midst of circumstances

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I just share feelings and emotions with deprived, insulted and humilated
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