The City At Our Doorstep

It’s those sultry days that sooth my soul,
In the searing heat, empty like after birth we would bath,
Fear of appearing odd, the taste of the sweet waters,
Oblivious of each other’s different destiny,
Our foggy minds leading the paths,
Ever engaging in hapless conversations,
Time drifted by, but we didn’t.

Well, why the heck would it matter?
Back then the only path, narrow, dusty and rugged,
Once in a while brought the city guys home,
Their skin so smooth so soft,
We gawked shamelessly, stared at our own,
What’s the city like, we were amazed,
Life is funny, and so were we

The paths now look different, broad, clean and inviting,
All the old treasure gone…
Well, I wouldn’t say we don’t miss those damn days,
We walked half naked but not a big deal,
Life was sweet then, no worry under the sun,
We flew from lions, made ourselves look taller to confuse hyenas,
Bear feet in the hot sun, thorns all over,
Calabashes on our heads, giving the heart what it loved,
Songs of the souls,
Did westernization ruin or raise us?
We all have our opinion whether vague or meaningful

The dynamism of life has degraded our values,
Life is extra hard, extra easy for some,
Capitalism beginning from home,
Only folks like I recall of life of no worry,
A bit uncultured but incomparable,
I was feeling lost in the skies overwhelmed by the institutions rules,
They say memories are golden, I can attest to that,
My lousy day just became a shadow in the history.

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