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The blue sky and azure ocean,
Dawn changing the aura of morning sky,
Incandescent yellow rays of sunlight,
Magnificent clouds billowing, mesmerizing charisma of rainbow,
Sunrise and Sunset a magnificent golden orange hue,

Brightly colored birds,
Peacock’s display of iridescent feathers, a visual treat,
Birds flanking their ornamental plumes,
Multifarious colors bedecking birds, glistening the forest,
Assorted tones of beautiful butterflies fluttering,

Picturesque flora and fauna,
Vegetation, bushes and trees,
Myriad colorful flowers blossoming, a sight to behold,
Alluring platter of fruits and vegetables, titillating the taste buds,
Nature’s grandeur stimulating and energizing,

Splendor of marine life,
The aquatic world of elegance beneath,
Effulgence of copious sea creatures,
Comeliness of coral reef,
Stupendous combination of dazzling colors,

An artist performing on stage,
Amalgamating multiple colors of costumes and accessories,
Creatively depicting different aspects of dance,
Medium of color symbolizing nine facets of human emotions,
Portraying exuberance and luster of Indian Classical Dance, Art & Culture,

Festivals of India, ebullient and buoyant,
Colorful kites flying gaily, festival of colors, elucidating good over evil,
Brilliance of lamps illuminating the environs,
Festoons adorning the doors,
Ornate floral designs, illustrating sophisticate patterns,

Exquisite pots, ingeniously handcrafted carvings decorating our homes,
Delicately crafted, multi colored terracotta jewelry embellishing a lady,
Deftly moving the brush, mundane canvas resonating sublime form,
Contemporary weaves and textures blending with colorful ethnic embroidery,
Elegant Block Prints, Madhubani, Tie & Dye integrating geometric designs,

The effervescent colors of fabric,
Versatile monochrome palettes eternally enigmatic,
Designer punctiliously combining different tints,
Livening and elevating the milieu,
Igniting the ramp with colorful themes,

The aesthetics of colors uplifting a home,
Decor & curios juxtaposing modernity and tradition,
Bohemian style and the façade of setting,
Fusion of colors, gradating in a subdued space,
Articulating one’s personality, colors an expression.

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23 years of Corporate work experience behind me. Expertise in the roles of HR, Training Event Management & Organization, Business Development, Operations. In my free-time I indulge in my hobbies : Tanjore Painting, Terracotta, Block Print, Tie & Dye. In the process of life, I also realized I am good at another skill - Writing. I have written content, training material, manuals, articles, all for the companies I have worked. Little did I think then that it would develop into an interest which I so keenly and passionately want to pursue and write poems, articles, stories, blogs etc. I have been writing for the last 6 months and thoroughly enjoying.
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