Keep Your Head Up

Keep Your Head Up long poem

Uploaded by Morgan Randolph

This is for the kids who feel like GIVING UP,
Don’t think im telling YOU, how to live your life,
I won’t stop until YOU know, that YOU are NOT ALONE

What MOM would feel like if, YOU were NOT AT HOME,
Even If MOM says she dont miss YOU, when YOU are NOT AT HOME,
Just know MOMS heart, could’nt fatham why, if YOU took your OWN,
If YOU were gone, MOM would be ALL ALONE.

Think of what it would be like if, GRANDMA couldn’t PICK UP THE PHONE
When she needed YOU most, When she knew only YOU, could handle the TRUTH,
Think of all the loved ones that YOU would, leave ALL ALONE
If YOU, could’nt handle the TRUTH.

Think about the ones that love YOU, then YOU, only leaving them PHOTOS
Remember how good YOU felt, When YOU took them PHOTOS?
Remember how good they felt, when YOU framed them PHOTOS?
Ask YOURSELF, could I stomach being, SO LOW?………….

Well, could YOU Stomach your exsistance in only PICTURES?
Frames on the wall, YOUR loved ones stairing at INEXSISTENCE.
Instead, did YOU think about making more of them PICTURES?
Memories with cousins, nephews, brothers, and SISTERS!!

YOU would never have kids, YOUR seed would be UNGROWN
Think of how much fun it would be, To see them GROW, go from CRAWLING to WALKING,
Think about the things THEY would KNOW

Remember when YOU are gone, YOU are gone forever not just for a WHILE
YOU won’t have to worry about Frowns, YOU will have no more SMILES
Sore feet, worn soles wont bother you, you will have no more MILES
YOU will have no more problems,YOU won’t have to live with GOODBYE!

YOU would never have a legacy, YOU would be UNKNOWN
YOU would never have a place to be, no place to CALL HOME
YOU would go, to a place where, YOU won’t see your KINFOLK,
Because they went, when it was their time to GO!

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