Fantasy Love

Fantasy Love short poem

Photo by Roberto_Ventre

There was a boy.. and.. there was a girl…

The boy was a Panther chasing wild dreams…
The girl was a deer, dreaming mild love…

He was roaring on a bright day in the mountains of cloudy world…
She was there watching him like a sun of thousand wonders….

She held a smile of a crescent moon and hit him with the arrow of love…
He saw her in the shadows of a dark world like a star Twinkling for him….

He spread his arms wide and asked her to fill his heart…
She raised high in the sky and gave him the kiss of a rose..And she whispered in his ears , ‘I am yours now, and let me make you mine…’
He hugged her close to heart and replied with a kiss on her forehead.. ‘I am you and there is no me’…
He made her his wildest dream and she just entered his heart and enjoyed his infinite love…

They held their hands and flew into the valleys of dark sprinkling the sparkles of their love, lighting every particle in their path….
They flew through the oceans of the world, adding the sweetness of their memories…
They flew through the skies of void filling with the stars of hope…

They reached the top of the universe and their eyes spoke to each other..
‘We are one forever.. ‘

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