Born To Struggle!

Born To Struggle! ode

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conception announced,
nine months tenancy
pregnancy troubles
delivery is here,
three-year weaning
gone by very fast.

hurray! pre-k education
is here,
elementary school is over,
middle and high schools
prom seal received,
legal age-eighteen-
creates buzz and
wild excitement.

college or work?
full-time job now
college later for many,
part-time job now and
schooling by side for some.

real life different from
classroom imaginary
life begins,
commitments show up,
economic and social life
become a hook to everyone;
credit lines needed to
meet daily challenges,
debt-black hole from daily
living is created,
from present debt and
anticipated crises of

life settlement comes
yeah! family is here,
kids are coming,
providential assigned job,
another eighteen-year
unpaid current job in
many-kids home.

oh! family commitments
secular demands increase,
social engagement widen,
additional responsibility
follows-caring for aged-or-sick
parents and grandparents;
retirement clock ticking away.

old age sets in,
body parts begin to
give way,
sickness takes toil on
body parts begin to
fall apart.

Seventy years-yes-
three scores and ten is
at eighty-four scores-
life becomes an extra-daily
gift-majority may not enjoy-
because of associated pains and
gift a few will treasure.

Sun that rose years ago,
begins to recede,
sun setting takes off
with a lightning rod,
changes begin to create
what a life.

What benefit does life offer?
What value does life give?
Why so much horrible experience
in life?
Why is life so cruel?
Why the struggles and later death?
Why just 70 or 80 years for man,
meanwhile trees, sea turtles live for
centuries ?
What is the purpose of life?

Should we say:
life is nothing
other than Vanity?
Vanity! Vanity! Vanity!

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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