Symbiosis Of Life

Life is a symbiosis,
relationship it makes
interaction among
humans it creates,
social system it establishes,
cultural institution it builds,
political arrangement to avoid
it puts in place.

Life is a symbiosis,
bridge it throws to
span human obstacles,
barrier-it make less of
connection it makes across
loop it spreads over
sky to fight hindrance.

Life is a symbiosis,
mutual relationship
it makes possible
between two equal givers,
commensalism it creates
where one partner benefits
without harming other party,
parasitism-it supports
where one gains at the
expense of the other,
still life continues.

Life is a symbiosis,
oceans it gives to complete
water cycle,
land it gives to sustain life
through food production.

Life is a symbiosis,
plants it provides to
make oxygen-carbon-dioxide
exchange feasible,
rocks it makes
storehouses of gemstones;
gems-that have played roles-
in myths and legends in life.

Life is a symbiosis,
earth waters-
river, lake, stream, and
humans use daily,
as they benefit form
everyday interactions
with man.

Light from far off sun
sustains life;
water it draws from earth
turns cloud
that returns to earth as
same cloud maintains
earth temperature,
keeps climate in check.

Life is a symbiosis,
microbes and bacteria
seen and unseen support
interaction between biotic and
abiotic keeps the earth going.

Life is a symbiosis.
Life is a symbiosis.
Life is a symbiosis.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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