The Banana Budget

The Banana Budget short poem

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Duis went outside and changed. And then. Who can still sit funny. However, he wishes to the hotel, the laugh of the gate of life, words of condolence, novels. I do not have football. There is no rent-a-car like a pot, there is no hatred of warm-up. Japan’s largest drinking and hating, carrots innovative development members carrots. Refinance. Carton manufacturing clinical factors. No, but now some. The antioxidant tomorrow will express our condolences. There is no banana budget for drawing out computers. Production Recipe Protein Mass Football member. The most exciting sorrow is not necessary to be upset. The chat element is not football. It is a sick sickness warming up gate, a warming up pain, and a pain in the back of Ametora. But that horror, and time is supplied by sitting. Trembling of the stress protein valley. Start of the biggest carton. It is an ion, a lifelong court, sometimes not. The environment of tomorrow’s peppers such as peanuts and softs will program the weekend. Life of the largest clinical carrot ligation is okay. Up to the player, or other than players. Massage is currently the mainstream developer. It’s important because there are no more airlines than ever.
Poet’s Note: this was translated through Latin, English, Japanese and back to English again.

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this is magestic

bill nye
bill nye

this is so awfull



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