Socks Or Suspenders (revised)

Socks Or Suspenders (revised) short poem

Photo by Matacz

Of all the simplest of things.
Sometimes love is a lot like socks.
Some are long, some are short.
Hell some even come up to the height of knees.
Some are bland. Some are colorful.
Baring the fruit of comforting something bare enough to be considered as precious.
These devilish things, socks.
Sometimes they create more problems than they are worth.
Coming apart at the seams,
Getting caught between your toes.
The hassle of constantly having to stop and readjust your shoe when no one is looking.
They come in all sorts of color and sizes, these crazy things called socks.

Sometimes that one size fits all is just a lie.
In time all things wear.
Just don’t be foolish enough not to enjoy the comfort of the simplest of things.
This at all isn’t important during the height of the day.

But the thought is necessary as it conveys comfort.

A necessity that goes unnoticed unless you’ve had any of these problems.

Belts on the other hand can be a different hassle. Not fitting tight enough.

The leather hole wearing thin often tearing.

Sometimes these dang things prove more trouble than they are worth. Stupid things.

But out of everything that I’ve said one thing couldn’t be truer.
If ever I was to become overweight.
You’d be the pair of suspenders that hold my pants up when my belt can’t fit anymore

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