Snakes And Ladders

We played the game, threw the dice
at times we got lucky with the game.
although caught in a web of lies…
though a picture locked in a frame.

Life gave pain, left us with misery,
and empty people fought with bigotry,
all stuck in the same boat of poverty,
snakes and ladders showed our reality.
Despite our lack of opportunity…
it gave us life when we wanted to cry.
But we kept strong, continuing a story
all our forefathers faced in our society.

Without the shadow of a doubt,
we played games, feeling liberated…
As kids we played monopoly & chess,
but snakes and ladders we did best.

At the end of the ladder waits a snake
to stab you in the back with a knife
But when facing the reality of life,
some took paths not easy to take.

We took paths that left us stagnant,
made some choices in our youth.
But wisdom always showed the truth,
about our growth when we were Ignant.

Although some are fierce,
walking though lions in the street.
We used to play snakes and ladders, lost at times, we still showed no defeat.

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A man told me how he and his friends who made fun of a pastor who spoke about faith; he quickly changed his topic to 'Hope' and it was like he managed to get their attention. Everything became silent and they started to really listen. When the pastor had finished the bible lesson. He walked up to them, and spoke with such a love that they started weeping.Soon that very same boy spoke to me as a pastor, about life .But I didn't care how important it was, I didn't truly understand the power of words. I lacked to understand but felt his passion. Everything he said, felt personally meant for me. I could not stop myself from listening.I was not a mistake, and later realized that there were people who cared. It only took one man to make me realize I was searching for hope in all the wrong places. I was fully convinced that my purpose was to do what he did. But he surprised me once again.At that last moment, he stared directly into my soul and said, "Don't ever try to be like me or any other human on this earth. You'll only find disappointment. I'm just a man. We all have a purpose and along the way you'll be judged by the world. But never stop!" "Free yourself by opening your heart and mind to the truth. That when you speak, always be happy."
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