Namaste prose poem

Uploaded by Mrudula Rani

I was always overwhelmed at the thought of learning yoga…..
Not that there is a possibility of me becoming a yogi,
Or snub all mundane things I love, and brag!
The sight of people in tights and and tops, the regular yoga gear,
Carrying a yoga mat slung over their shoulder…. like one person army of peace.
And, that none-such attitude of theirs, like they have just attained levitation!
All that for me was too much of an intimidation!
When our daughter suggested for us to take yoga classes,
I refused, saying ” all day what I do equals to many kinds of exercises”.
After her months of praise for the practice,
I finally gave in… for I ran out of excuses.
The first day was as I expected: I had no clue as to what to anticipate.
I felt vulnerable and was full of trepidations,
Even after I have tossed my long held- reservations!
I did not take my eyes off the instructor all through the class.
I relied on my visual Observations, vocal instructions on me were a loss.
I trailed behind everyone for several minutes.
I was beginning every “asana” as the rest were approaching it’s end.
And no one seemed to be perturbed by the artless in the class.
While they were all done with their downward-facing dog,
Staring at rows of feet, I was still downwards.
I developed an overall view of the class and in it where I stood.
Suppressing my own giggles was a feat of a kind.
I pictured a drawing of neat rows of swans, and me….
With the caption “can- you- spot-the-loony?”
While the whole class was doing Utthita Trikonasana with their right arm up,
I was in ithe middle of them, doing the same asana holding my left arm up!
I shelved auto- criticism, and accepted that I will never bend like a willow!
At the least willing to learn something new and laugh at myself doesn’t make me shallow!
On my body and mind the benefits of yoga soon started to show.
I felt smug to be doing for myself something good.
Like the rest, learning yoga did make me feel splendid!

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