Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith long poem

Photo by Paul Robertson

Face plant off the third floor
The blood splatter paints a pretty picture of why he didn’t matter
And who’s sadder the committer or his encouragers
Such a shame he had no one around to feel his hurt
They all applauded when he went out with a bang and hit the dirt
He won’t be the last and maybe he wasn’t the first
He jumped out of the window so he couldn’t feel the pain
So sick and weary of being burdened with his shame
He only wanted to be wanted, he was tired of games
People playing with his emotions so the trust issues came
The wall went up, every single relationship ended the same
The anger buildup in his body never ever once waned
Crying every single night for reasons he can’t explain
Eventually led to this poor boy going insane
And who’s to blame?
Is it his fault that he wanted some company
Someone to listen to him and show him some empathy
That night he decided that he wanted to be free
Unchained; soaring high and carefree
He came to that balcony and thought about his destiny
Should I jump and end my misery
This life just isn’t meant for me
So he climbed on the railing….

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