A Night That Betrayed

A Night That Betrayed long poem

Uploaded by Tushar Biswas

My hearts beats so loud, still you cannot hear
Cause your pride won over your fear
I passed a night, thinking to fill the space
Would u love me the same if u were in my place

Let me guess how you feel watching that Dove
You scrawl my name with your stencil of love
Deep inside my vein I have words to share
When I want to share, I never find you there

I passed longest days for love, but night contracts
When I need darkness its the ray that distracts
I can never decide how many times I have seen
And last night, You’ve started to take over me

Finally am down, theres no way out
Theres nothing left as ground, still am proud
I will step in your dreams in search of you
Or else I will walk away just as you would do

Want to keep you close, and wall your danger
Am Compatible with your fear, none are stranger
Neither I can Recover myself nor I can hide
A last wish to meet, and walk by your side

I wish to have you near me everyday
And I Promise to Open my love in thousand ways
The night is back again, cannot hold this tide
Close your eyes and let our Lips collide

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