Ocean Of Dreams

Ocean Of Dreams short poem

Uploaded by Tushar Biswas

You broke the ocean into half to be with me
Only to meet our dreams you see
She wore the scent of an early spring
And her bonding was as delicate as a string
After a decade, I questioned her lips
And the answer I got form her valiant hips

Every kisses I stole, tasted of yellow flower
And her en bosom felt as a gelid shower
The lines stitched in my heart, recite me of her
And the lamentable pain, I can never endure
She walks in beauty, just like that night
Her eyes of thunder and lips made of pride
When the cloud climbs through the starry skies
And her heaven to Gaudy Day denies

I know our hearts will never team
Except here with me, In my dream
And how my fingers, touched your skin
My actions spoke, the words within
Your loneliness is driving me insane
And am feeling like a lion, without a mane
End my day, with the blessing of your shower
Hold me above and leave me never
This is how you are making me feel
Giving me feelings that I could never reveal.

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