The Night He Died

You can try to break him
Seize him for surviving
Bend him backward over and over
Deny him the satisfaction to speak
Play him around like a ball
Place him on the back sit of your cruiser
But still like the boss,
you are his chauffeur.

Undress him…
Take away his everything
Give him a new look
Deny him his rights
Call him a prisoner,
Tag a number on him
You can fetter him
Still like the shepherd,
you guide over him.

Cut him out from a place of high esteem
Push him into a steel cage
And lock the gate that will lead him to light
Swallow the keys,
and spit on his face
Everything he does, is at your own command
Whit your inhuman staff, you hit on him,
but still like the angel
You watches over him.

Tick tack, tick tack,
The time is here,
Movements on a wild side
Whit hood over his head
Guided by two unknown men,
As he dance side by side,
Into a steel chair they place him,
Surrounded by vampires waiting,
To feast on his God given blood and life.

Like an epilepsy patient
He dance to the tone of unheard song
Tonight is the night you killed him
Excuse me Mr executioner,
who’s only hand fits to lower the lever
You just killed a man,
Remember that.

Like the tree falls on a stormy night,
whit its branches fallen apart.
You die the night you pull the lever,
The night he died.

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