Don’t You Dare

Dont You Dare short poem

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Where were you when I needed you the most?
You left with no explanation, you lied to my face.
My heart was filled with space.
My head is in the clouds.
You can say what you want about me.
Now that we’re through I’m happy as can be.
Can’t you see all of the change in me?
I’m not taking you back in a lifetime.
I thought you’d fill my heart with love and fill my voids above,
But apparently your love wasn’t for me.
What did you want from me?!
The only thing you did was abuse me mentally.
The depression and anxiety has taken me into the dark.
You are not a walk in the park, yet you are everywhere that I go.
I never should have shed any tears high and low.
I’ll never love you again because someone else took your place.
Someone who I can talk to for hours without having to chase.
So don’t come running back saying that you miss me.
Because I won’t miss you.
The words we exchanged mean’t nothing to you but everything to me.
You avoided me like I was an obstacle in your way.
I didn’t matter to you but I was too blind to see that you were hurting me.
The memories claw in my mind trying to get out.
I don’t cry because I miss you.
I cry because I let you hurt me.
Just get out of my life before I get my knife!!

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A High School Student who fits in with almost everybody but at the same time hates everyone
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