Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet long poem

Photo by Shyn Darkly

Travelling with along, stout dark man
In the burstling city thoroughfare
Talking incessantly about immediate enjoyment
Of unnatural genre was of good old days,
When we found ourselves shopping
Delusion in cramped dimly lit economic pub
Where the roaring music of popular songs
By tender aged girls overwhelmed us in body,
Whole universe was present in short table
Playing all gloomy emotions that we had
With glasses of alchoholic fantasy driving
All the bachelor loneliness towards out door municipal vat.
But it was lately realized
How temporal they were
Both the song and the dark man: all are no more
Vapourised to another planet.
The utter loneliness revived again with obsolete ageold thought
Of secured life in good name of irrestible bondage
Forgetting the dark tall man, forgetting those rosy nights,
Let me embrace the dawning loneliness
In various forms and the patterns gleefully.

She sat before you in afternoon class
Being watched bifocally by hungry eyes
That only the worth beauty toasting
The claret of heaven in entire campus.
But with snowy indifference and frown
The lone fairy was daily in contemplation of incestuous relation,
Thousands loneliness in legion undressed with black armed comrades
Swept over the enchanting pupils
Who were in threshold of waylaid future
Where you found the same old reign of frustrating aloofness
Hankering over the boys bereft of pairing beloved.
Hope that ye not yet forget that cursing wish to that
Devil of aloofness god speed you my boy
And laughed away the frown and contempt of said fairy with compromised joys.
But that haunting blush with eternal flush
Withered you forever like a defeated soldier of troy
In vain quest of deceitful Helen.


Pacing in the roof top of your two storied house by moonless night
You aired your muttering frustration
Over the crumbling world of knowledge and light
Being swayed by galloping ignorance over your nation
Of consumerism and taste of currency might.
Education is on death bed of great nation
Commanding by blind folded aristotles and ignorant platos
Being mockingly called in sad name of illeteracy
Pouring blashfamous professionals, politicians and men of letters.
Thou lone pathfinder amid deep, dense, sightless forest of evils
Make a helpless grin in vain quest of last laugh
Which was not ever be or will ever be, ye foolish haggard
Dull faced dream merchant, penniless reformer.


Ere ye an endless expanse of sea,
Blue, unblemish, water is in surge
Washing your trembling feet with care.
There are no one around you save saline air
Beneath, layer of thick sand, white coloured, encircled by
Dauntless set of jhous whose airy bonhomie
Bring waking call for you
To be forgetful of futile past, sordid present and gaming future
This sea, this sea is only your reliant friend
How much unknown it may be to you.
You are in escaping field of oblivion
Of utter loneliness, hopelessness of deceitful love.
So bid the universe a spirited adieu
Since it is not fit for any necessary correction nor for any immediate resurrection
Therefore be immersed to dependable sea.


He is not against god nor a non believer
But against the condensed rituals age old
Far from abstract of divinity.
Whatever are around him do seem
Fairies of ignorances in name of Lord.
Shorter the native country men perseverance to reach to divinity
Quite shorter the way, brief the realization of meaning of god,
Quivering hearts of ignorant bereft of letters
Waiting eagerly for His premium grace which never had been.
What ails humane is the ignorance of the correct way
To seek divinely grace is to seek the true meaning of life
Through apcart of philosophy and verse
Which rapid study can only ensure
Beyond the lousy temple of material lure
And an uplooking above daily needs and subhuman passion.
There is no alternative of studying philosophy and high ranked verse
To realize our Lord and His way of works.
So renounce all insipid rituals and seeks the divine blessing
Through the path of aesthetic knowledge. Through pure knowledge
Knowledge of sankara, plato, rousseau, Aristotle and great mill.

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Shuvo Chakraborty

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lecturer and advocate in university and incometax tribunal. an english poet and diehard follower of john keats
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