Universe And You

Universe And You short poem

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Within you lies the mini universe..
Within you lies the the mini horizon..
Within you lies the mini world..
Within you lies the mini you..
What the whole world think is not important…
What the whole matrix conversation about you is trivial,
What the mini you thinks about you is important,
What your mini universe is all about is important,
You are one of the most unique stars of this sky..
the most passionate god among zodiacs,
the most created galaxy,
the most struggled astronaut ever,
the wisdom you hold, in your simple words is beyond description.
the love and care you show towards your friends is commendable and ..and cutest ever.
the passionate nature of yours..
even on the minor issues of life is truly amazing,
just follow your dreams,
follow your passion,
follow your intuition,
follow your goals..
follow yourself because it all start with your priceless SELF..
because a bright future,
a future with stars laden sky,
with flowers laden garden,
with beautiful and cute people laden life is waiting for you..
the journey is about to embark its most magical and amazing part,
which will trigger the precious and passionate..”YOU”

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Diksha pathak

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Hey,I am Diksha,still studying.. I like contemplating over the things but at the same time i never express what i feel that makes me some sort of introvert i guess.. the MANTRA of my life is simple being inspired by a writer and that is~ "I AM MORE THAN I APPEAR TO BE,THE WORLD`s STRENGTH AND POWER RESTS INSIDE ME"
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