The Journey From The Snow To The Sea

The Journey From The Snow To The Sea prose poem

Uploaded by Dr.Indu Nautiyal

From my pristine homeland
I set out on an adventure spree
Carving my own trajectory along
Heading towards the fathomless sea .

Having left behind the comfort of home
I’m conscious of the hardships ahead
Knowing well, there’ll be hurdles to face
With risks and dangers never imagined before.

But I’ve pledged to go ever onwards
Braving any odd that might appear
Hence running with time is a pre-condition
For realising a dream so highly ambitious

So I skip gleefully on mountainous rocks
And jump daringly into deep ravines
Flow fearlessly across dense forests
And wind my way through narrow valleys

Nothing can make me stop halfway
Howsoever trying the terrain be
Nor even the most enchanting ambience
Can lure me enough to forget my resolve

But all through this long itinerary
I keep providing sweet water to all –
The millions of life forms living on the banks
And benefit even those that are not in sight

And thus I accomplish my fond journey
Covering more than a thousand miles
I rush to join the magnificent sea
And get mingled with its deep waters!

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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

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I have been a teacher for about four decades ,but even more than that , a student and learner all along --literature being my favourite subject with special love for poetry , a trait I seem to have inherited from my father,who was a very good poet ,it was he that instilled in me a deep love for poetry early in childhood . Starting as a science student ,I shifted to literature after graduation and and worked on Emily Dickinson's poetry for Doctoral degree. I don't claim to be a poet ,but do admit my inherent love for poetic utterances as and when I find them and sometimes feel inspired to give vent to my own emotions in words that seem to convey them .Honestly it happens quite effortlessly and also leaves me with an immense satisfaction .If it can be termed poetry ,all the more rewarding. .
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