The Hills Are Alive!

The Hills Are Alive! ode

Uploaded by Yasmeen Khan

Swooping gradients, hairpin bends
The sun in gold softly descends
Heavens painted in crimson hues
Evening birds darting through
Cypresses swing in welcome mists,
Gentle breezes sigh and hiss
I cast my eyes on beauteous scene
With pleasant vales, villages between
Down the hills blink the city lights
Like glowworms in the balmy night
A starry plane far beneath me
As I look down the scary lee

A lively spot on the peaks there
To seek solace in ambiance fair
Whiffs of scents on the evening breeze
Melodies sweet soothe n appease
Merry voices, tinkling trails
Reverberating along the vales,
Winds blow soft, kiss the flowers
Teasing gently the tresses sans care
Down in the valley a hut stands,
Humans or ghosts on dreary lands?
A faint light in the gloom of night
Down at the bottom, a haunting sight
Yet, on the crests life thrills n thrives
The hills are alive! The hills are alive!

(Margala Hill, Pakistan)
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