Attention Crusaders

Attention Crusaders long poem

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There’s a saying I know well,
The road to hell,
Is paved with good intentions,

Pay attention crusaders,
Freedom fighters,
And bigot haters,
When I was young,
At heart and in mind,
My kind of justice,
Was just as true,
and blue,

I knew in my heart,
That to play the part,
Of a progressive,
Regressive instincts,
Must become extinct,
A melting world has no time,
For the crime of prudent thought,
Others should be taught,
The morals we fought for,

That one YouTube comment post,

Let us host a world,
That is clear and concise,
Where the most precise,
Divide is sketched,
Etched into our minds,
Like night and day,

Those who pray,
Should stay away,
From those who are gay,
Their values are wrong,
Those on the farm,
Will only cause harm,
To urban social reform,
Their values are wrong.
Those blue collars,
Fell for a man,
Who cares only for dollars,
Their values are wrong,
Those who are red,
Should be dead inside,
And should hide in shame,
They are to blame,
For trashing the name,
Of this righteous nation,
Their values are wrong,

We must be strong,
And run headlong,
Into the new dawn,
Of social justice,

But Lady Justice is blind,
And unkind to those,
Who chose to thrive,
On elitist drive,

To look down,
From your tower,
And talk sour grapes,
Upon the apes below,
Who show no intention,
To garner your attention,
Reveals a truth,
That is uncouth,
And unsettling,

In refusing to engage,
You ultimately upstage,
The fabric of democracy,
Autocracy is the alternative,
And it’s, well, sort of failed,

It’d be hailed in your world,
Of blue and red,
Fed by charged-up news,
And political blues,
You ignore the views,
Of those who choose,
A different path from yours,
Scores aren’t settled,
Until your shouting is done,
Not my president,
Is the ammo you gun,

Run to the safety,
Of your blue bubble,
Trouble can never come,
In the solace of progress,

But it’s personal for me,
Says the white male free,
From any prejudices,
Excuse me while I,
Wipe a tear from my eye,

Try and exchange,
Dialogue and change,
The tone of your tune,
Its too soon,
And there’s too much to fight for,

War isn’t a myth,
With great division,
Comes great apprehension,
With great apprehension,
Comes stiff tension,
And tension eventually breaks,
And turns to violence,

Silence and Respect,
Should effect your discourse,
Lest Democrat rhyme,
With hypocrite.

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