Friday And Work Clock

Friday And Work Clock short poem

Uploaded by Rituparna

Here I enter my bureau cube

Greet my co-workers and Mr. Big Blue too.

Show them the picture of the latest TV I bought,

Because last month’s raise I got!

They plan plan plan …

And invite selves in my sweet small space,

To cheer the Friday evening while watching F1 race.

Meanwhile Mr. Big Blue throws attitude,

Seems want to stay bit aloof

We take him again for a coffee break

To the office building’s terrace.

Mr. Joy coaxes him to join the fun

“Let us soak in happiness before the Monday run!”.

Now it is the fifth time in the week,

The clock keeps striking one, two and three!

One by one final reports flow to Ms. Roar

We laugh and hope that she has no chance to fill us with remorse

Nothing pending, all is done

O God O! why this fate has a something called ‘all of sudden’?

With an ringing alarm…

She comes out of her den

Asking to work and stay back till TEN!

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it is so fun and so can be related


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