Arrogance short poem

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foible among fame,
flaw in wealthy,
kink in nobles,
hamartia among powerful.

from thought to action
arrogance is evinced,
from inner mind to
outward appearance
arrogance rules in them
as king.

every day-arrogance-
manifest itself variously,
talk down trait of
pride and haughtiness
everyday tunic,
hubris and self-
gait of arrogance.

commanding voice to
create fear-arrogant-
forceful personality with
pushy intent,
arrogance sells in public
contempt and disregard
way of life of arrogance.

ask Alexander the Great,
consult Napoleon Bonaparte,
Adolph Hitler-inquire-
Joseph Stalin-study-
Julius Caesar-please

prod Winston Churchill,
investigate Kaiser Wilhelm and
Genghis Khan,
Nebuchadnezzar-the Chaldean-

all had something in
all were products of
and from them arrogance,
demanded restitution;
yes-arrogance avenged for
their errors-
by chastisement.

Keelhaul and pillory-
arrogance-extracted as
retribution and oubliette,
punishment from arrogance.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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Arrogance short poem

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