Invisible Heartaches

Invisible Heartaches long poem

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It goes without saying; soon the cow barn will be full & men quite drunk,
Women busy preparing to feed stomachs and give one of their own away,
To who, doesn’t it matter? Old, too old or extremely old, a husband is a husband here,
Only the cows & goats he can give matters & she the innocent soul is sold just like an animal, a rope on her neck,
Ceremonies & traditions carried out, though a fifth wife, nobody dares question, and tradition is tradition,
Who its sidelines or benefits, only the almighty can question, a woman has no voice here, just a child bearer

At only nine years, she is branded the name lady, perhaps too huge for her young shoulders to carry,
Neither does it make sense nor does it prepare her for a life headache,
Mom tell her its fine, we all pass there, nice to sooth a wound still burning, but for how long?
I salute fear for with strength & back up, still these marginalized cant point a figure at an injustices,
Every year a child in their arms, every year co wife is heavy, father just one,
The apple of fathers eye, daughters…these are families gold treasures, probably vision 2050,
Who is going to save them at the slaughter house?

Every 5th market day, all line up in the small hut by the Rodian River,
At 5am very cold and naked, it’s the day of the knife, tradition is tradition, remember,
Fifty fifty chance of survival, if one doesn’t survive they are weak, the clan needs strong people,
Perhaps not lady enough to make a good wife, the family heads soothes the members,
A mother loses her daughter, grandmother a granddaughter and siblings a sister, but not a big deal, tradition is tradition,
No big deal in wasting time on those weak & gone, effort on getting other daughters to please the heart of father,
What is wrong with these fathers?

With clinics all over, still a mom dies at child birth; tradition denies existence of any other doctor, only the traditional midwife,
Why traditional fathers, are you just naturally heartless, a soul departs this world under your watch,
You walk round looking for the next wife the next day, you were born too,
These souls are human beings, barbaric tradition is no tradition, I say jail them all,
With HIV/AIDS rampant in our nation, a man marries five wives, infects them all, children born HIV positive, why is this?
Who is going to save a nation from a culture unworthy of mentioning?
Save our nations’ daughters & mothers from ancient traditions by educating them on confidence and real life survival tactics,
I plead with all nations, a daughter & a son are all important, educate all and save lives,
Heal the untold stories of women’s invisible heartaches

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