Passing By

Passing By short poem

Photo by Nova Kennedy

Do you pass like this every day?

Through the shallow woods,

With your eyes downcast

Lost in the intensity of your thoughts,

Left to the integrity of their present.

Do you realize that when you pass like this,

Unperturbed by the worlds around you,

You create the epitome of perfection?

Which imperfect souls like me yearn for.

You seem like a portrait left out there in the open,

For people to decipher and attach meanings.

Have you ever realized the way I leave

My gaze to wander and waft around you?

Sometimes when I see a beam of sunshine flowing

Passionately towards you, escaping the crowding branches,

And finally finding that perfect spot on your face to rest.

No, I think you observe none, not the world, not even me.

You just pass the shallow woods, with downcast eyes

And I just stand there watching you pass by.

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Avinash Nair

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I'm afraid, I can't explain myself!..........clueless......................
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