Commentaries — From April 4, 2014

though moo cho yars older, i
(bovine cuddly name = hay4four at aol dot com),
could feign 2b a frat house bro
by undergoing a facial augmentation – despite lacking dough

unlike the multimillionaires here in lower merion, where a flow
of money spills out upon sprawling mansions – hoe
lee cow (a watered down expletive uttered) by this common joe
every time a road less traveled finds his eyes to bulge hi n low

4 – even if a quark of fate found me flushing golden lavatories no
way, would this papa expend riches, a pipe dream this po’ paw
papa will unlikely witness no matter ma eldest feels we live on raw
hide n barely squeak by – just one brittle spear like sprig o straw

could break that figurative camels back (probably not part of UAW
and hobbles along a desiccated pasture) – yea – wah
be accurate to disbelieve this bunk from this human zebra.
mister moon dips his honey dripper ladle
splashing nocturnal shadows before
morning haz broken betwixt ur self n supposed paramour
of ur yesteryear bespeaks a door
a shun for
poignant intercourse an erotic sea hoar
as frosting de jour
yet tastefully whipped to all lure
n whet my fancy sans similar nor
mall lee testosterone doth pour
while cast in deep pearl jam dreams
where only i can hear the large lion roar
aroused to accept n offer each of us x2c
towards pandora’s boxed skin knee tudor
unfettered means to scrutinize our mutually vore
a shh us appetite for aural, carnal, erectile…
hormonal, integral, oral feast 2 xplore.

…m.scott.harris alias in flesh the husband literate angler
with his dry wit to whit modified male member re: dangler
and an ass pyre ring word roper and mangler
tip toes thru two tiny tulips amidst kinky coils apt
to trap e’en the boston strangler
as now concludes this bryn mawr, pennsylvania word wrangler.
u r a dar lean, who i thank 4 take kin a dare
to bestow this word wrangler – from bryn mawr, penna –
with his branded flair
and imprimatur to let other mentally hear
my perception of reality – though…sum do jeer
mostly anonymous trawlers o the cyber seas at this make king – who does lear
right back at any respondent – cuz most do not live near
nor express any interest to ap pear
at me doorstep possibly he or she might rear
and bolt like a bat out of hell n tear
at light speed as said person describes a zig zag veer
lucky to escape with just an adequate piece of his/ her underwear.

… matthew scott acknowledges his plays hiz kin flute mostly hot air
which hoopfully buck combs mutual despite offset noggin cocks n gear
or…maybe b cuz we got differently aye bulled hued skin n hair.

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Matthew Scott Harris

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çhåråc†e® ske†çh øƒ m円hew sçø†† hå®®is! ™Born in Cincinnati that buckeye state January 13th 1959 – 57+ years to date A tangle of arms & legs testing lungs, which sounded great He kind of resembled a misshapen octopus with oval pate Glowering inxs of deep purple from blue mood being irate Thrust out the womb of Harriet Harris whom Boyce did date After courting this youngest Kuritsky kin whose ill-fate Whisked by grim reaper, which demise she did hate For her being imbued with vim and vinegar til illness ate Away her je nais sais quois personable maternal trait Evident during my boyhood reflected by her son of late As he too inches closer to his mortality and Hades gate Aware that each day ought to be cherished as the rate Of time courses down zip line where grim reaper does wait Attired in brand name hoodie swinging scythe across oblate Spheroid i.e. terrestrial firmament – though years some great Yet to be lived – trying to re cap cha childhood bliss b4 freight Train on a collision course toward self-destruction ala tete a tete With Anorexia Nervosa as thy then coveted deadly mate A brutal hellish spiral down in2 abysmal depths of despair did create Indelible psychological affects undermined existence I now equate writ horrendous emotional, physical n social gouge within pate Pledged troth ('bout 2+ decades ago), which spouse oft times berate For lack of expressed concern and attests schizoid psychic slate irrevocably seared and stunted natural development where I rate prepubescent, early adulthood mental illness did grate Against once boisterously playful innocent boy crushed potentate Only male heir from me deceased mother who tried to extirpate Mailer daemons who forged suicide pact and via voice did dictate Albeit without success, yet decry forsaken innate Experiences with female relationships off viz poisoned bait!
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