Don’t Be Afraid Of Daddy

Dont Be Afraid Of Daddy short poem

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Midnight, A cold night in November.
Mama braiding my hair with her hands so tender.
Hearing moans of fright in the air, she said,
That’s just your daddy and he’s having nightmares again.
Mama why you puttin’ up all them knives?
I need to protect you, your brother and I.
Then she cries, he wants to take us with him when he pulls the trigger.
I won’t allow a murder-suicide.
When I sleep and hear a creek I open my eyes.
‘Cuz he just ain’t in his right mind.
But mama told me, mama told me,
Don’t be afraid of daddy, he’s a good man.
He’s seen a lot of things that others couldn’t withstand.
He loves you more than you’ll ever know,
But he’s falling prey to his demons,
So who knows how long till he goes.

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Flora-Belle Smith

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I began writing when I had an opportunity to reside in solitude, giving me time to come to terms with my being.
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I’m sorry, but some of us live or have lived through domestic violence, and i don’t see an up side to this. Maybe it needs a lot of abstract to allow more interpretation by the reader ? some of us never or only partially recover.
please don’t take this as harsh criticism, cause it’s anything but.
I love your intro about residing in solitude and coming to terms with your being . I’m not there yet, but you gave me a goal


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