Lost In The Wilderness

Lost In The Wilderness prose poem

Uploaded by Yamuna Shreedharan

Eerie the right and weird the atmosphere,
Lightning flashes fearful faces,
Giant trees cast sinister shadows,
Danger lurks in the oddest of places,

I stumbled on a stone
and hit my head down,
I suddenly realized that I had strayed
the path from town,
I gazed at the trees and
I was completely lost for words,
Staring at me from the bushes was a sight of gloom,
I saw the glowing scarlet eyes
and knew I was marked for doom,

I lie quietly huddled close to dear life,
As the wilderness burst with scary sound.
So did I, though at my maximum pace,
My speed was in vain and my life at stake,
For the grubby parcel in my hand
useless blueberry cake,
The rain patterns on the ground
like the footsteps of a lost traveler,

I’m lost in the wilderness, the world of the wild,
For I knew I was next,
I was nothing against the beast’s might…

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I’m an ardent & zealous content writer. My first story remained unpublished in my middle school newsletter and I’ve been hooked on writing ever since.
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