Has Anyone Ever?

Has Anyone Ever? long poem

Photo by Tony A.

Has anyone ever told us that a little madness is key,
For us the new colors to see,
Has anyone ever told us any good for dissolution of conformity,
For us to feel the glee,
Has anyone ever taught us about life in a different way,
A way which neither the monk can have a say,
Has anyone ever triggered the invisible passion we have towards discreet things,
That we can have more of it just to feel as if we have wings,
Has anyone ever told us about the day being our ornamented swing,
And that the mornings are the opportunity to shoot a sling,
Has anyone ever deciphered the real meaning of joy to us,
For our recurring syndrome imposters to have no propelling wing,
Has anyone ever told us about the resources we have,
Being unaware of the exploitation chances we miss,
Has anyone ever given us the right path,
For there is nothing right in the world but bliss,
Has anyone ever talked to us about beating banality,
Having beaten the excruciating pain of life for a formality,
Has anyone ever told us about the life we need to feel the true colors,
That we need a roof over our heads to feel that at night,
Has anyone ever taught us the way to escape the mundanity yet fight,
To see the true colors for our condition gives us the almighty right,
Has anyone ever told us that it’s okay to not be okay,
For the justice we set for our pompous self-doubt we think is the right way,
Has anyone ever told us that probing our own fear to live or to die is an utter waste of time,
To even spend a dime in the fear of all that there is we think is the crime!

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B. Vaijayanthi
B. Vaijayanthi

Wonderful explanation of life and happiness


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