Never Say Never

Never Say Never short poem

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When the days get dark and there is no ease,
I swear I’ll shine, won’t let it cease…

If the going gets tough, and it drags me down,
I’ll stand up again and straighten my crown…

When it doesn’t seem right and it all goes south,
I will hold myself without any doubt…

If my path gets foggy and I can’t see clear,
I will make my way without any fear…

When the wheels get rusty, and they ask to mend,
With a smile I’ll say, “It’s just a bend and not the end :)”

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Anila Andezhath

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Writing is one way for me to escape from the real world and express what I truly feel. I have been writing since a long time. It helps me to vent out everything that I hide inside of me in rhyming rhythm..
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