Silent Goodbye!

With no regret I write, precisely,
I wish it was not so..not so..
When I wanted you the most, you were never around,
When I wanted to speak to only you, you never answered my calls,
When I wanted to spend time with only you, you were too busy spending time with others,
When I was going through darkest phase, you never bothered to check on me,

When I was alone and I thought, I had you,
I was so wrong, I was so wrong, I had no reason to hold on,
I still did, for a reason known to me,
When I look back now, you were never there for me,
When I wanted you, yes, you were never there for me,
What is the use of being there when you are available,
That anyone would do,
Being there when I wanted you, is the difference,

You will never understand my love for you,
You don’t know this kind of love,
It’s not mediocre, it’s not superficial,
It’s not flashy, it’s not showy, it’s not spending money, it’s not expensive gifts,
it’s something beyond these things, it’s genuine, pure & true,
you will not understand it all, I wish you did, I only wish you did,

When my head was screaming inside,
I was quite around you, Gave you my best smile, as if everything is fine,
I wanted to see you happy, your happiness was my happiness,
Real things are different, they are rare, they are heartfelt, they are treasure,

But now, all my patience ran out, I never imagined to be like this,
When I brought my issues to you, you dismissed them as trivial,
I see and notice everything, I just don’t bicker around,

No tears now, no I won’t cry,
NOW, I realized I will never be to you what you are to me,
I learnt the difference,
I want to live in PEACE, I am now healed,

Just leave and never come back, I will never welcome you back,
Ever in my life, I will stay classy, real but without you,

You are better off now, stay happy, stay real, stay blessed,

A sweet and silent goodbye,
To mi amor, Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!!

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