An Ode The The Divine!

An Ode The The Divine! short poem

Photo by ♦El Lucho♦

You curled, cruised, kicked and got her crazy
She enjoyed a cocktail of emotions and images all so fuzzy

You slumbered after all wailing and weep
She comforted you all night trading her sleep

You talked miles and miles
She admired each word with pleasant smiles

You awed at spiders , birds and crawling ants
She enjoyed your all your whispers, murmurs and chants

You were dull, bored and wanted to play
She put down her work to cheer you come what may

You bruised your knee, got fever and fell sick
She focused on getting you healthy as if she was made of mortar and brick

You started “growing up” and walked around with your circle of friends
She suppressed her fears, anxiety for all rules you bend

You drove her in your first car for her first ride
She sat there like a queen , her chest puffed with pride

You traveled around far, wide and high
She motivated you all the way with high-fives
You settled down and moved away from her
She wished you the best and always kept you in her prayer

You had your own who thought you made mountains of mole hills
She gave sly smiles but was your rock of Gibraltar still

You now know the cycle of life, the drill and all the cues
Because she was always there and will be there for you!!!

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