Empty Pockets And A Heart Full Of Gold

Empty Pockets And A Heart Full Of Gold long poem

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I have empty pockets,
and a heart full of gold.
A family of eight,
and friends new and old.
I have blisters and bruises
and cuts on my hands,
no food for my family,
and no wealth in my land.

A peek in the castle
and much to my glee,
there stood a great crown
beckoning towards me.
The closer it came,
more extravagant it seemed,
built with jewels and diamonds
and distincted by a gleam.

Each day it drew closer
with my hope at its peak,
yet each time hope simply
fell back to weak.
For as the king neared,
all he would ask,
“Come here my dear slave–
Please fulfill this task!”

Today he explained
the state of his demise.
He required an heir
and looked to my eyes.
His time was no longer
to still bear the crown,
at last rose my hope,
For to me it passed down!

Finally I sat,
at the throne of my dreams.
But for some odd reason,
comfort was not as it seemed.
Two rings of my bell
and much to my delight,
the fortunes arrived,
but the crown seemed quite tight…

more, More, I want MORE!

This thirst cannot be quenched!
No matter how much money,
with emptiness I am drenched.
The gold has lost its luster.
The crown has lost its shine.
The throne has lost its comfort–
though everything is mine.

The money is now just paper,
and the diamonds are now just rocks.
The crown is now warped metal,
my chest of treasures is just a box.
Once stood my great halls
with fine pieces of art,
but since my throne granted,
my family pulled apart.

A family of one,
consists of myself.
My blisters have sealed,
yet diminished is my health.
A fanciful crown
it seemed in the past,
bears cuts on my head
and leaves me broken alas–

How great those days seemed,
my memories now tart,
for now my pockets are full of gold,
yet empty remains my heart.

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Randall Smith

What a way to say that he gained so much and lost everything. I really enjoyed this.


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