The Wounded Angel

The Wounded Angel short poem

Photo by vidalia_11

Flying through the clouds
of an agitating sky
she was landed on
the shore of despair.
Unknown of the tyrannous rapter
the angel became wounded
by his erroneous desire.
Following the winds of fallacy
she got lost among the devils.
She was a broken creature
waiting for someone
to heal her wounds.
Ambling into the
lonesome places
she cried her eyes out,
As, she discovered
the misery in her soul.
The moment she fathomed
all which she called ‘love’
was nothing but a trap.
The angel was pulled out
of the fool’s paradise.
Looking at herself
as an abbreviated piece of nothing,
the angel got wounded and
perished her own wings.

Poet’s Note – I have written this poem with eyes full of tears. This poem narrates the story of a girl referred as an angel who has gotten into trouble because of her own mistakes.

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