Pain short poem

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Pain, small at first, creeping slowly
Towards the heart of those loved
And those who love
A joke, ignored in the silence caused
By soft, small pain
A boy, desperate for answers
Scanning the numbers and percents
Trying to stop the pain
A child, hopeful, insists that
Pain will not win, not this time
But numbers do not lie
Numbers can’t lie when they say
One percent chance, five years
A friend, holding the girl who
Refuses to acknowledge the pain
If it is ignored, she insists,
It will go away
No, says the woman, wrecked
And beaten by pain
This is real, this is now
This beautiful time we have
Is given to us by pain
Pain teaches us to cherish
To value the precious time
It has bestowed
Pain may win now,
But it will not
It will NOT take away
The beautiful love
That comes with pain

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I am 14, and I want to offer my view of the world to people of all ages. I love music, reading, and writing.
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