The Strange Bedfellows

I mused at the turn of event at the scene
The landscape is replicate with the shapes
and color not in harmony with what nature
would have loved to create given his craftsmanship
This was a human configuration to give a push to
a perceived common foe of their mutual aspiration

Thus, having had the combined advantage of force
to shove aside their imagined foe, and without a
blueprint on the destination and course of the voyage,
and with each actor manifesting their latent aspiration
laden in selfish and vengeful creed, embolden in their
deceitfully acquired foothold, they muzzled t he citizen’s
common interest in a hazy conspiratorial creed

This has become more disjointed and dysfunctional
with the dead silence of the Captain with his ethnicity
agenda they’ve all clustered together as a rallying point,
but who’s now caved into the rigor and pressure of
captaining the voyager’s ship amidst the tributaries of the route
and whose status of wellness is shrouded in yet another
conspiratorial malady.

It is a scene liken to the sound of survival of
the fittest, where the strongest takes it all
And quite disgustingly, it is this clout
robed in archaic orientation disguised
in the political terrain and are acting
the position of the strongest,
while the populace, dazed in electioneering
slogan of change, are groping about stupefied

Dangling my pen in my hand and reminiscing
about the twilight of the yesteryear when the
contraption of this obnoxious alignment
was being forged with the change mantra
I can’t help but muse at the fun when strange
Bedfellows are thrown in together,
it takes a while for the oil to blend with the water
in a soup pot

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