People Like Us

People Like Us long poem

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People like us , we suffer a lot ,
And yet we never get to sort ,
The feelings inside of us ,
With memories making a clot ,
With the fear that comes from the plot ,
The plot that life has offered ,
With great deed we try to cross ,
The spiked everlasting roads in darker nights ,

People like us suffer a lot ,
Along the way incurring lots of loss,
We suffer with the inner fights ,
Trying to demand the egoistic rights ,
From the furtive society ,
Believing in the conspicuous almighty ,
Keeping the interest in the process ,
Curtailing the lures of the fast results ,
Avoiding the converse cults ,
Of people with incoherent thoughts ,
We try to go all the way ,

People like us suffer a lot ,
But our euphoria with time rots ,
Into demure and morose ,
Turning into the self pity like thorns in the plant of roos ,
But don’t let the tears of self pity flow ,
Down your unhappy cheeks,
Seldom go all the way and don’t feel low,
For you will witness success soon and will glow ,
With light emanating through your body ,

People like us suffer a lot ,
And surely then you will realise the sacrifices and the blood clots ,
That you have gone through with so much passion ,
People like us always suffer a lot ,
But when we make it ,
We make it to the top !

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