And Now For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different short poem

Uploaded by Peter Anderson

Sweet blooms dance across the screen
Collage credits snipped from a magazine
Marching bears play the liberty bell
Thy tempestuous stomping foot sends them all to hell
Bouncing maids on barnet fair
Gods and angles grace the air
A Cardinal on a unicycle chases Stevenson’s dream
To fornicate in the billowing steam
Sucking face, an exploding head
Falling cherubs and the Cardinal’s dead
Monty pythons flying circus
Political satire without purpose
Shall I compare thee to a summers day
The parrot’s dead but you still got to pay

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Peter Anderson

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Who am I?"- English by birth, Scouser by luck, living in South Africa by choice- Paid to cook, hypnotizes for fun and writes poems because I cant stop- Insomniac, chain smoker, sour worm addict- Bulldogs, Motorbikes and Liverpool football club- Dreamer, realist and slighty depressed
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Mrudula Rani

Lumberjack song is a big hit, and the 16 ton dropping is hard to forget!


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