The Fall Of Nod

The Fall Of Nod long poem

Uploaded by Peter Anderson

I watch storm clouds drag themselves over broken city skylines.
Listen to their thundering hearts, beat the promise of the malign.

The frigid touch of rain, falling from a million hollow eyes.
I wait and wish for my demise.

In the wind I hear the echoes of the dead, howling in the gloom.
A malignant acceptance, I’m the last one left in the tomb.

My shadow stretches before me as I stumble through this crumbling
Its dark jackals head, the mocking ghost of Anubis.

Flesh and bone long turned to dust.
Humanities selfish ambitions crumple and rust.

I wonder on, cracked bleached tarmac under foot.
Every other living thing now little more than ash and soot.

Cold wind wraps itself around me like a funeral shroud.
Walking through the furrows man once ploughed.

Fragments of another life torn pages from a family album.
The arduous burden of guilt a small price for martyrdom.

My final offering to a failed god.
The debt for my brother and the fall of Nod.

Smiles shift across the desert sands.
Welcoming me back to these ancient lands.

The gates of Eden creak and grind, sound swallowed by the wind.
Uriel waits inside the rusted gates, still guarding what man has ruined.

“Will you lay me with my father and sweet Abel by my side?”
I wait for a millennium for the angel to decide.

Watching stars blaze to life in the heavens then slowly fade from sight.
We stand together in silence, Cain the killer and a forgotten acolyte.

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Who am I?"- English by birth, Scouser by luck, living in South Africa by choice- Paid to cook, hypnotizes for fun and writes poems because I cant stop- Insomniac, chain smoker, sour worm addict- Bulldogs, Motorbikes and Liverpool football club- Dreamer, realist and slighty depressed
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