One Year Disease

One Year Disease short poem

Photo by daniellehelm

2 weeks, I look in the mirror and all I see
Fat, ugly, and worthless staring back at me
I pinch my stomach hoping it will shrink
It has only been two weeks; I will soon look better… I think
The limit is only 600 calories
I will write it every day in my diary
3 months have passed and I’m feeling sick
My brain is slowing and I’m no longer quick
I no longer have any weight to gain
Now I’m starting to get bad headaches and I’m in pain
I feel nauseous and cold, I need to cover up
I’m nervous; soon is my doctors check up
6 months has gone by and I’m starting to get noticed
You look beautiful, thin and not at all bloated
I look in the mirror and all I see
Fat, ugly, and worthless staring back at me
I need further restrict my diet
500 calories now just keep quiet
9 months and I’ve lost 50 pounds
My weight is now 100 but I still look round
My hair is thinning, my skin is pale
My family won’t hug me because I’m frail
I wear baggy clothes to hide that I’m now only bone
My parents are embarrassed, now I’m on my own
12 months and I can barely move
90 pounds has become my groove
This disorder has taken over forever
I don’t think I can ever really recover
Once again I look in the mirror and all I see
Fat, ugly, and worthless staring back at me

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