Fly – Flight – An Ode To Birds

Fly   Flight   An Ode To Birds long poem

Uploaded by Sree Lata Shankar

Birds levitate and are airborne,

Flapping wings soaring to the highest stratosphere,

Flying into the blue yonder,

Over snowcapped mountains, abutting the clouds,

Flying, gliding, landing, so sublime

Perching themselves in the tiny gap between other birds on a cable in the air with such meticulous precision,

Up in the sky, soaring and gliding,

Gazillion birds flying in clear geometric patterns,

Crisscrossing with such accuracy and yet not colliding,

The sight so riveting and divine,

A sole bird flying across the ocean, sun setting on the horizon, picture so panoramic,

Birds in the sky, flying high, always landing with such panache,

Wish I had wings, Wish I could fly,

Buoyant, I’d defy gravity and glide,

Flying with the wind, playing with the clouds,

Fly through the rivers and mountains,

Through forests and jungles,

Atop every picturesque landscape,

Soaring, flying, hovering with birds,

Wish I could fly.

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23 years of Corporate work experience behind me. Expertise in the roles of HR, Training Event Management & Organization, Business Development, Operations. In my free-time I indulge in my hobbies : Tanjore Painting, Terracotta, Block Print, Tie & Dye. In the process of life, I also realized I am good at another skill - Writing. I have written content, training material, manuals, articles, all for the companies I have worked. Little did I think then that it would develop into an interest which I so keenly and passionately want to pursue and write poems, articles, stories, blogs etc. I have been writing for the last 6 months and thoroughly enjoying.
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