Say Yes

Say Yes short poem

they always engross to bury you
and you are digging that your true face
rise up
with no any word of complain until something
miraculous happen with you
so you kept mum and like Sisyphus
you may grow up or die
to look after you every moment
you must die before that Almighty’s eyes
that is the price you once encounter death
because you don’t like to live like nonentity
don’t like to live as void amidst them
you have to prove your existence
and make sure your whole life is under his watch
that one sign is enough for you to say yes against
all odds.

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shivaji pandhare

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working at central railway workshop surrounding and daily happenings around us made me to write, express my thoughts and lot of passion creating meaningful poems, stories, criticizing reviews,and in leisure time my desperate agonizing feelings compels me to write. it is best way to dialouge with world, and my fate! i have got highonpoems platform and lovable community and much response from new friends. i have completed collection of poems in marathi, hindi and wrote poems for asian age. in leisure time reads english novels and famous poet's poems.
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shivaji Pandhare

poem has been written in man’s vortex mind condition, searching for rope of hope when he is sinking but later he realize that one has to stand on own legs to prove self existence, who are giving me helping hand them lot of
thanks especially chandrama deshmukh and ak pradeep!


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