Rest In Pieces

Rest In Pieces prose poem

Uploaded by Peter Anderson

Walking through the twilight between reality and myth
Stepping in the shadows of cross and monolith

Chinese whispers running through religious verse
Fairy tales told from baptism to hearse

Children kneel, hands clasped with bowed heads
Praying for angels to surround their beds

Acts of god on insurance claims
Surely it’s the devil who lit the flames

Jesus’s face in a loaf of bread
Proof he rose like a zombie from the dead

Jubilant believer’s line blood stained streets
Celebrating the infidels death and pagan defeats

In marble halls under painted domes
Pious men swap robes and thrones

I’ve spoken with the faithful and heard their final prayer
Wished them well on their final trip to the fabled palace in the air

Now as a lay me down to rest
I have no soul to be blessed.

Poet’s Note : Religion is dogma based on fear but the principles of love and charity should never be overlooked. I’ve seen the faithless scream for salvation while the faithful are carried with dignity to the grave. I know there is nothing waiting for me when the final curtain comes down and I can live with that.

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Who am I?"- English by birth, Scouser by luck, living in South Africa by choice- Paid to cook, hypnotizes for fun and writes poems because I cant stop- Insomniac, chain smoker, sour worm addict- Bulldogs, Motorbikes and Liverpool football club- Dreamer, realist and slighty depressed
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