Pain short poem

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Something is hurting inside me
Ripping my soul in two
Its never right. Never wrong
Its the way of things.

Why? Why does this have to happen?
I feel something. Breaking apart.
Falling apart. It’s hurtful.

Its not going away.
Ever ever going away.
Its never ending. It feels my fear.
Its like sorrow Death and grief put together.
Make it stop!

Its the pain that hurts my heart.
Its never ever going away.
My life is falling apart
it’s ripping my soul in two halves
Please make it stop!
Please make it stop!

Its the pain. It’s the way of life.
Its going on for an eternity.
Its hurts and its going on and on.
Help me out of this deep darkness of despair.

Help me. Help me. Please.
Its swallowing me up.
Laughing at me for my foolishness.
Its killing me from the inside…
Its the pain of a life worth of despair, death, sorrow, and grief.
Help me please.
Its the pain of living.

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Hello! I love writing stories and poetry. I love listening to music and also reading other poems too.
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