The Door

The Door short poem

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I’m sitting and looking at a door
A simple door, that is closed
I contemplate opening the door but I don’t think I can
“Stop second guessing yourself” I say
I stand up and take a step towards the door

I’m looking at this closed door
Should I move closer to it?
Should I sit back down?
How many am I affecting if I make this decision?
Am I willing to take the risk?
I hesitantly move a step closer to the door

I look at the door
Still closed
Painful memories lie beyond this door
But there were some good ones as well
But does the good outweigh the bad?
Am I deserving of a second chance?
Maybe. I take another step

I’m beating myself up over this door
To open or not
Ask for forgiveness
A singular chance?
I’m curious as to what the answer will be
I step closer to the door

I’m close enough to the door where I can reach out and open it.
Everything hits me now
The feeling
The emotions
The fear
I get angry
Angry at myself for not moving when I had the chance
Letting this pass me by
Here I am at this door debating wether or not it should be opened.
But, I’m the one who made the door close in the first place.
I put my hand on the door and freeze
Deep breath and maybe try

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